December       27th  couple shots of my collies
                18th  'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now had a girlfriend visiting today - hopefully PUPPIES at Joyhill kennel in February -09!
                          Christmas greetings 2008 HERE
                   9th  A new photo of Luuka's daughter 'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress
November        27th  A new story 'I rescued A human'
                  26th  new photos of Teddy's daughter Black Sara's Jewellery 'Jenny'
                  4th  a new story 'Lesson On Life'
                         couple new photos of Black Sara's puppies
October         27th  Luukas's daughter Scottail Lisbeth got final heath results, her hips are A/A and elbows 0/0.
                         Luukas's 7 children have been checked with results 6xA/A, 1xA/B and all seven have 0/0 elbows!
                 21st  had visitors a while ago far from northern Finland,Tornio, they want a puppy from my next spring's litter...
                        so great to have found such wonderfull home for a puppy.
                        Also I want to thank Sirpa for her very kind words in my Guestbook!
                  15th  Teddy's babies at vet checks today, all had crd, other than that all was well
                        - I wish happy, healthy and long journey for life for them darling puppies!
                 13th  Black Sara's puppies (Wenla's & my Teddy's  at about 6 weeks old) visited us today and I took LOTS of photos
                 11th  a photo of Luukas' daughter 'Nelli' Scottail Lisbeth,
                          who is Cea-clear, elbows 0/0 and hips left to the Kennelclub as A/B (hopefully the final result will be the same!)
                  -       Black Sara's puppies 5 weeks old photos
                  6th   Luukas became grandfather the second time,his daughter Saruskan Golden Especial gave birth to 9 PUPPIES
September       29th  new photos of 4 weeks old Black Sara's puppies
                  28th  Koiran kymmenen pyyntöä isännälle.
                  27th  I redesigned the page 'Footprints on the sand'
                  24th  few new photos of Teddy's puppies at 3 weeks in Black Sara's kennel
                  23rd  Barry made me lovely new wallpapers
                  21st 'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress compited in obedience at the Highest class for the first time
                         with very good result 225 points! Well done Heini and Pinja!
                 20th  Hyvinkää,judge Dina Korna, Estonia, 'Lasse' Malinallin Knock On Wood open EX1 BD3 Cert
                 17th  'Elle's (Lassina Loves Blessing) Champion Diplom arrived today
                 16th photos of 2 weeks old Teddy's and Wenla's puppies at Black Sara's kennel
                 14th 'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress (Luukas' daughter) Obedience competition Winning class 256,5 points (2. place),
                         BIG GONGRATULATIONS Heini and Pinja!
                 14th 'Jatsi' Malinallin Jazz N'Ramatazz visited and we took a new photo of him
                 10th  couple new photos of 'Laika' Malinallin Walking On Air 
                 8th  some photos of week old Wenla's  & Teddy's (Malinallin Watch Me Now) puppies at Black Sara's kennel
August          30th  Porvoo, judge Gunnel Holm, Malinallin King Of Swing Ch class EX1 BD3
                 28th  'Teddy's (Malinallin Watch Me Now) first babies have been born today at Black Sara's kennel
                 16th  Kouvola, judge Pascual Asensi Peinado, Spain
                     'Elle' Lassina Loves Blessing new Fin CH - BB1 BOS
                      'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now BD 2 with Certificate
                      'Riia' Malinallin Winning Ticket BB 4
             11th  'Tytti' Malinallin Whisper Of Love in August 2008
             10th  Helsinki show, judge Rita Reuniers, Belgium ~ photos from the show, taken by Kristiina Kerttula
                     Malinallin Watch Me Now intermediate class EX 2
                     Malinallin Keep My Secret open bitches EX 4
                     Malinallin Knock On Wood open dogs VG
                     and my lovely Lassina Loves Blessing was disqualified because of her little overbite
             6th  Pinja & Heini in open class at the obedience competition = 192 points with honour prize, GONGRATS!
             1st  Kuopio Int show, judge Tamas Jakkel, Hungary, Malinallin Winning Ticket Interm.class EX 2 
July         29th  another story 'THE LEGEND OF THE WEEPING WILLOW TREE'
             28th  a new story 'BEFORE I WAS A DOGMOM' 
              26th  Pori Int show, judge Sergio Pizzorno, Uruguay ~ Malinallin King Of Swing Ch class EX2 BD3
                        and Malinallin Keep My Secret open class EX1 BB3 with Cacib                
                        some new photos of 'Taiga' Malinallin Honor Me
                        also new supershots of Saruskan Golden Empress (Luuka's daughter)
               17th  'Riia' Malinallin Winning Ticket visiting from Sweden
                        couple new photos of Luuka's daughter Saruskan Golden Empress
               14th  'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now today - at 17 months
June           30th  Wenla visited succesfully Teddy again...wishing beautifull puppies at Black Sara's kennel in the end of August
               29th  Järvenpää, judge Jean Lawless, Ireland Best Dog 2 rCC Malinallin Knock On Wood
               28th  mated Black Sara's Wenla & Malinallin Watch Me Now today
               22nd  more swimming photos of the 'waterbeast' Pinja - Saruskan Golden Empress (Luuka's daughter)
               21st  midsummer photo of Luuka's brother 'Roi' Malinallin Joker's Wild
               20th  a photo of 'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now
               18th  'Ria' Malinallin Winning Ticket visiting us from Sweden
               15th  Forssa Int, judge Petru Muntean,Romania * BOS Cacib Malinallin King Of Swing
               14th  Kotka Int, judge Manuel Loureiro Borges, Spain
                       Lassina Loves Blessing Best Bitch 4
                       Malinallin King Of Swing BOS, Cacib
                9th  new great photos of 'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress (Luuka's daughter)
May            4th  Luukas had a succesfull visit today by a lovely colliegirl Goldshimmer She's A Witch - hopefully pups in August!
              24th  Kangasniemi, judge Suncica Lazic,Serbia - 'Hasek' Ch Malinallin King Of Swing ~ Best Dog 1 BOS
              21st  couple new pics of 'Jade' Saruskan Golden Especial, Luuka's daughter
              18th  added to Luuka's album one of the cards he got for his 4th birthday, from Kathy in Alaska is this one
              17th  Pori, judge Janiki Steinbock,Israel, Scottail Lady Jane (Luuka's daughter) junior Excellent 4
              17th  Joensuu, judge Päivi Eerola,Finland, Saruskan Golden Especial (Luuka's daughter) intermediate Excellent 2
              11th  Mänttä, judge Jaana Hartus,Finland, Saruskan Golden Especial intermediate Very Good 2
              10th  'Luukas' Malinallin Just One Look soon 4 years old, few new photos  (click them bigger, if you wish)
                     Photos of 'Riia' Malinallin Winning Ticket 15 months old
              6th  'Laika's' Malinallin Walking On Air health checks left to Kennelclub as hips A/A, elbows 0/0 and eyes Cea free!!!
              4th  Viitasaari show, Luuka's daughter Saruskan Golden Especial intermediate Very Good
             3rd  got photos from Lahti Int show - THANK YOU very much Silja Tuomala!
                   of ´Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now  and of 'Elle' Lassina Loves Blessing
                   THANKS Sari V. for showing her and Tiina for showing Teddy!
             2nd  I redid the story in Stories & Stuff page 'Imagening if people behaved like dogs at the dinner party'
                    and had a good laugh reading it over again
April        30th  best news of today came from Sweden,'Ria' Malinallin Winning Ticket has A/A hips and 0/0 elbows,
                     which makes me so VERYVERY happy,
                     now 3 out of 4 Elle & Luukas puppies are cea free and have healthy hips and elbows!!!
                     The last one 'Laika' Malinallin Walking On Air is going for checks next week
             29th  few new photos of 'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now - 15 months old
             27th  new sweet photo of Luuka's daughter 'Jane' Scottail Lady Jane
                     and couple new ones of 'Tytti' Malinallin Whisper Of Love 15 months old
             26th  Lahti int show, judge Pietro Paolo Condo, Italy
                    'Elle' Lassina Loves Blessing open bitches Excellent 3rd (out of 20)
                    'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now Excellent junior dogs 4th (out of 14)
                    'Hasek' Malinallin King Of Swing Champion class Excellent 2
                    'Sole'Malinallin Keep My Secret Open bitches Excellent
                    Saruskan Golden Empress (Luuka's daughter) intermediate bitches Excellent                  
            23rd  news from Sweden 'Riia' Malinallin Winning Ticket is cea and pra free and hips A/A, elbows 0/0 -
             12th  lots of great photos of Luuka's daughter 'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress.
             7th new photos of 'Laika' Malinallin Walking On Air.
March        2nd  'Aino' Malinallin Giggling Geisha 12 years today, ofcourse 'Kalle' Malinallin Gallant Galahad also is 12 years.                                           A new headshot of 'Luukas' Malinallin Just One Look
             30th  added some puppy photos of 'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now to his album.
                    also puppy photos of 'Tytti' Malinallin Whisper Of Love added to her album.
             28th  a new little story "Pennies from Heaven".
             26th a photo of 'Assi' Fapian Queen Of Ice ( Ilmari's daughter)
             25th...well, my dear 'Teddy'-rascal (Malinallin Watch Me Now) went to his very first official dogshow
                      to Lappeenranta Int and the running went well but when standing in front of judge, Sanna, who showed
                      him, run out of treats and Teddy woudnt stand still, he started jumping...the result blue ribbon 'Good'
                      and his critic is here
              21st  some new action shots here
              20th  more happy health news! Luuka's daughter Saruskan Golden Empress hips A/A and elbows 0/0!
              15th  Tampere Int show
                      Luuka's daughter Scottail Lady Jane 'Jane' in junior class Very Good (judge Mari Palgi)
                      'Sole' Malinallin Keep My Secret, open bitches Excellent (judge Ulf Bråthen, Denmark)
              14th...Malinallin Just One Look 'Luuka's & Lassina Loves Blessing 'Elle's babies health results:
                      Malinallin Whisper Of Love 'Tytti' hips A/A and elbows 0/0         
                      Malinallin Watch Me Now 'Teddy' hips A/B and elbows 0/0
                 1st  new photos of  'Elle'Lassina Loves Blessing
                     'Tytti' Malinallin Whisper Of Love
                     'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now
                     'Jade' Saruskan Golden Especial (Luuka's daughter)
               'Kalle' Malinallin Gallant Galahad nearly 12 years
               21st  Teddy and Tytti went to health checks today,
                      both are Cea free, hip- and elbow results are on the way to the Kennelclub,
              20th  'Aino' Malinallin Giggling Geisha nearly 12 years
              19th  new photos of 'Hasek' Ch Malinallin King Of Swing
              14th  few new photos of Luuka's daughters 'Pinja' and 'Jade'
February      3rd   in a stormy night of February my Love, my Beautifull, my Precious tricoloured boy
                      was taken away, 'Ilmari' Ch Zinnia's Merituuli ~ 1.5.1995 - 3.2.2008 ~ ,
        27th    new photos of 'Jane' Scottail Lady Jane (Luuka's daughter) 8 months
             22nd    couple new lovely wallpapers  by Barry Sedman.
                       new wonderfull videos of 'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress training obedience, good work Heini!
             21st    My W-puppies 1 year old today! GONGRATULATIONS!
                       'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now here 
                       'Tytti' Malinallin Whisper Of Love here
                        and Teddy and Tytti together here
                       'Riia' Malinallin Winning Ticket here today
             20th     a new photo of Luuka's daughter 'Tuike' Silimen Tähti Olen Minä here.
                       some photos of Lahti dogshow 20th Jan 2008, judge Elena Ruskovaara here.
January     18th     Luuka's daughter Saruskan Golden Especial hip result A/A (Excellent) and elbows 0/0