This is a true story how my Hope got her name...

Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 8:42 PM
Subject: Remembering 9/11

I was at work..Just began my shift..the morning of 9/11.
I was walking down the hall to a residents room, when another staff member
called me into a room where she was making a bed. I entered the room in time
to see the second plane hit!! I sank numbly to the bed beside my horrified
co-worker..and we stared in numb silence!!
The rest of the day..we went about our duties caring for the elderly..subdued
and confused and frightened!! Again and again different residents would ask us
about what they too had seen on the television..they were as horrified and upset as we all were! I don't know how many times I had to stop and wipe tears from MY eyes and from the eyes of many of my patients!! I don't recall hearing the sweet sound of laughter so much as ONCE that day!! Even those residents that were suffering from dementia..were strangely subdued!! They did not KNOW what had happened..but I think they "sensed" something! I came home at the end of my shift...I felt more then usually tired..I felt HOPLESS! I sat down in front of my computer after I saw to my furbabies..and opened a post from Tarja...this is what I saw.   
for the very first time that day..I smiled!! Through tear filled eyes..I stared at this innocent baby..and realized taht DESPITE the tragedy of this day..DESPITE the pain and suffering of the families and friends of the victums of 9/11, DESPITE the anguish that would go on for months, even YEARS, I  realized there was still HOPE! There was still a FUTURE...LIFE would continue. Perhaps because of the events of the day..I was particularly "vunerable". Perhaps because I was mentally and emotionally "reeling" yet from the Horror of the day, the site of this tiny face, in all its innocense helped me to think of something else besides DEATH, and PAIN, and HEARTACHE! All I know is SHE made me SMILE..when I didn't think I could!
So my heart became the "property" of this baby..from that day to this. Even NOW when I look at her pictures..I remember how the sight of her sweet innocence gave me a feeling of "future and hope" on that NIGHTMARE of a day!
How fitting that you should utilize HOPE in this collage..How glad I was that Tarja named her HOPE nad registered her "HOPE OF PEACE"! I am soooo happy Tarja kept I was able to watch her grow from this handful of hope to the beautiful young collie she has become:>)) It is strangely fitting somehow..(loving collies as I do) that it was a collie who pulled me out of the deep pit of dispair I sank into following my fathers death..and years later, on a day when I didn't think it was POSSIBLE to smile..a little finnish collie thousands of miles away..made me realize there was STILL HOPE! Without hope we are BLESS YOU GYPSY for being my "nurse and phycoanalist" and BLESS YOU HOPE for being YOU! This collage is a KEEPER!!
hugs n`tugs ... Darlene