December    31st  'Tytti'Malinallin Whisper Of Love today, we got some snow...:)
                                  24th  got a photo of 'Roi' Malinallin Jokers Wild (though not a new one, looks like from 2005)
                                  22nd  We have recieved by internet beautifull Christmas cards, you can see them here.
                                         Thank you and Merry Xmas!
                                  20th  a photo of 'Luukas' with his bride 'Tähti' ja 6 of their daughters of Silimen litter about 1 year old,
                                          Sable girls here (one is missing) and tricoloured girls here.
                                  11th  a new photo of 'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now, 10 months old
                                          and headshot of daddy-Luukas, Malinallin Just One Look
                                  9th   Finnish Winner 2007 show, in Helsinki, judge Giuseppe Alessandra. Italy...PHOTOS.
                   November   17th   'Jane' Scottail Lady Jane 6 months in the photo
                                        ...some new photos of 'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress
                               one of 'Tytti' Malinallin Whisper Of Love
                                        ...and a new photo of 'Laika' Malinallin Walking On Air and Sophie 
                   October    27th    a few new pics of 'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress (Luuka's daughter) - I just love this photo - look at                                                   that affection between them two, those smiles!
                                           'Jatsi' Malinallin Jazz N'Ramatazz passed today temperament test ++ 84 points (shot unexperienced)
                                             ( in Hauhovi, the judges Jorma Lankinen-Jorma Piiroinen)        
                                  22nd  a new little story of two horses
                                  20th   new photos of 'Riia' Malinallin Winning Ticket, tomorrow 9 months
                                          Seinäjoki, judge Paavo Mattila, 'Jade' Saruskan Golden Especial Very good 3 in junior bitches
                                  18th   VERY very sad news today, 'Dora' Malinallin Hide Me Not left with Angels today - after an operation done                                              yesterday...My  warmest condolences to family Saarenheimo, I cry with you...
                                          Dora had a heart of gold.
                                  11th  a few new pics of Pinja
                                  10th  photos of 'Jade' Saruskan Golden Especial
                                  7th   couple new photos of Pinja ~ Saruskan Golden Empress
                                  1st   A new wallpaper by Barry Sedman
                                           'Tytti' Malinallin Whisper Of Love 8 months, a photo taken today
                   September  30th   'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now, 8 months, today...
                                  25th   added some action photos ~ Teddy and Elle playing

                                 23rd   Gongratulations Heini & 'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress! Luuka's 10 months old daughter today at her first   
                                          Obedience competition = 191 points with honour price (out of 200), 4th place in the whole competition!

                                  21st  'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now and 'Tytti' Malinallin Whisper Of Love ~ 8 months today.
                                  16th  Hyvinkää dogshow judge Jadranka Mijatovic,Croatia (entry 103 rough collies)
                                         Best Dog 4 Malinallin Knock On Wood 'Lasse'
                                         Excellent 3 in Ch class Malinallin King Of Swing 'Hasek'
                                         Excellent in open bitches Malinallin Hug Me Tight 'Tinka'
                                         Excellent in open class Lassina Loves Blessing 'Elle'
                                         Excellent in junior bitches Saruskan Golden Empress 'Pinja' (Luuka's daughter)


                                 13th  a photo of Tytti and Teddy today
                                 12th  I redid 'Jatsi's  and Wolves pages                   
                                 11th  my 'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me now today...                    
                                         A new photo of Scottail Lady Jane 'Jane' ,12 weeks old

                                  1st  I am honoured to tell you that an Italian website                                    
                                         wanted to dedicate September page for my 'Elle' Lassina Loves Blessing                      
                   August      29th  new photos of Luuka's Saruskan girls, 9 months old 'Jade' Golden Especial and 'Pinja' Golden Empress
                                  28th   sad goodbyes to 'Onni' Malinallin Great Geronimo - my warm condolences to family Sutinen!
                                  26th   a new photo of 'Riia' Malinallin Winning Ticket 7 months
                                  19th   photos from Heinola show, judge Joan House (entry 39 rough collies)
                                          'Justiina' Silimen Yön Tähtivalo, junior bithes very good 3
                                          'Jade' Saruskan Golden Especial has a new homepage.
                                  18th  new photo of 'Elle' Lassina Loves Blessing and one of her with her breeder Joan House
                                           Nokia,judge Mlada Svobodova, Tsekki, 'Hasek' Malinallin King Of Swing Best Dog 4
                                           Kouvola, judge Colm Hastings, Irland, 'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress Very Good 3
                                            My puppies got private critics from Joan, Teddy's here  and Tytti's here
                                  15th  GREAT news from Denmark 'Spencer' Sandiacre So Far So Good, Luuka's dad is now DANISH CHAMPION!
                                  12th   we were at the temperament test today...with following results
                                           'Elle' Lassina Loves Blessing +176 points and shot sure
                                            'Luuka' Malinallin Just One Look +128 points and also shot sure
                                   11th   Joensuu Int, judge Natalja Nekrosiene, Lithuania, 'Jade' Saruskan Golden Especial junior class Excellent 1,                                                 Luuka's-dad is proud of his beautifull daughters.:)        
                                            More photos of 'Riia's' Malinallin Winning Ticket  visit in July
                                  10th   Teddy and Tytti
                                   3rd    My heart is broken, my darling, 'Veera' Malinallin Flower Fairy went to Rainbow bridge.
                   July          28th   Pori Int. show, 'Hasek' Malinallin King Of Swing FINNISH CHAMPION BD2 with rCacib!!!
                                           photos taken today of 'Ilmari', 'Teddy' and 'Elle' with her kids (6 months) 
                                  25th  'Laika' Malinallin Walking On Air (6 months) & family visited us, photos here.
                                  22nd  'Luukas' Malinallin Just One Look today here.
                                  19th  'Riia' Malinallin Winning Ticket visited us, some photos here, more photos taken by Martin's camera will be                                                 uploaded when they return to their home in August from summervacation
                                 17th   a new photo of Luuka's daughter 'Tuike' Silimen Tähti Olen Minä, 10 months old
                                 15th    Orimattila all breed puppyshow, judge the breed specialist Päivi Eerola. Hanna's photos from the show here.
                                            'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now  BOS-puppy,His critic ( in finnish)
                                            'Jade' Saruskan Golden Especial girls 7-9 months  1.with honour prize and BB 2
                                            'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress 3. Couple new photos of them both.
                                  10th    a photo of Luuka's daughter 'Viivi' Silimen Tähden Tähti 10 months old
                                           and one of littersister 'Säde' Silimen Yön Tähtisäde
                                  9th     'Jatsi' Malinallin Jazz N'Ramatazz was here, a photo of him.
                                  8th      Porvoo, judge Asja Vasecka,Latvia
                                            Malinallin King Of Swing open dogs Excellent
                                            Silimen Yön Tähtivalo and Silimen Tähti Olen Minä, both got Excellents in junior bitches class.
                                           'Tytti' Malinallin Whisper Of Love 5 1/2 months and 'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now
                                  6th      new photos of Silimen Merituuli (Ilmari's son)
                                  1st      Saruskan Golden Especial Match show Bis 2
                                            Gällivara Int. (Sweden) Zinnia´s Dream Wish CC,BB-3 (Ilmari's daughter)
                   June         30th    Tuusula, judge Tapio Eerola -> 'Tuike' Silimen Tähti Olen Minä, junior bitches Excellent 1,
                                            she is Luuka's first puppy in an official class! Her good critic can be found here --> see Updated!
                                            - Malinallin King Of Swing - open dogs excellent
                                26th Scottail babies came to eye- and health check to Lahti,1 cea-free and 5 minimal crd and visited us! Photos here.                                 24th a midsummer photo of Saruskan Golden Especial
                                23rd my pups 5 months 'Tytti' Malinallin Whisper Of Love and 'Teddy' Malinallin Watch Me Now.
                                23rd Rovaniemi Int 'Hasek' Malinallin King Of Swing Best Dog 4
                                22nd new 5 month old photos of 'Riia' Malinallin Winning Ticket
                                21st  Got a photo of 'Linda' Fapian Queen Of Hearts, Ilmari's daughter.
                                13th new photos of Luuka's daughter 'Jade' Saruskan Golden Especial. And couple of my pups...
                               12th new photos of 'Laika' Malinallin Walking On Air.
                               10th new pics of Scottail puppies, of Ilmari and of Luukas
                               9th made some collie backgrounds...
                               7th couple new photos of 'Laika' Malinallin Walking On Air and of 'Hasek' Malinallin King Of Swing
                               3rd Lohja, judge Maija Ånestad, Norge...Malinallin King Of Swing = Best Dog 3 with rCC
                               1st  few new photos of my puppies and smiling Hope (Malinallin Hope Of Peace)
                   May       31st Photos of Scottail puppies -> about 3 weeks... Scottail Love Ya,-Look Twice,-Luke,-Lady Jane,-Lisbeth and - 
                               28th ...just fabulous action shots of Pinja & her family!
                               24th 'Jade' Saruskan Golden Especial (Luuka's daughter) 6 months
                              23rd 'Tuike' Silimen Tähti Olen Minä (Luuka's daughter) at the Match show, puppies, red ribbons 1.
                                'Justiina' Silimen Yön Tähtivalo (Luuka's daughter) 8 months
                              20th new photos of 'Riia' Malinallin Winning Ticket tomorrow 4 months
                               also photos of 'Laika' Malinallin Walking On Air.
                              17th Pinja in Hyvinkää Match Show red ribbons 1.
                              16th Puppies today ...
                              14th Luuka 3 years old today, some photos of the pups also today.
                               'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress BIS-puppy at Suomen Collieyhdistys ry Päijät-Hämeen ao Match Show.
                             13th Hamina, Malinallin Keep My Secret Best Bitch 3, Malinallin King Of Swing Open dogs Excellent 4
                            12th Harjavalta, Malinallin King Of Swing open dogs Excellent
                            7th  Sadly one of the tri boys only lived for 1 day and 6 hours at Scottail, but the rest is doing fine.
                            6th  A litter was born at Scottail kennel early this morning, sired by my Luukas,
                               containing 8 puppies! 5 boys; 3 tricolour, 2 sable and 3 girls,1 tricolour and 2 sable.
                             - Kotka Collie's Special show, Malinallin King Of Swing - open class dogs Excellent 3
                            5th Malinallin King Of Swing passed the Temperament test with +97 points. GONGRATULATIONS Satu & Hasek!
                            1st New photos of 'Tuike' Silimen Tähti Olen Minä (Luuka's daughter, 8 months)
                              Ilmari' Ch Zinnia's Merituuli 12 years today!
                  April    29th Photos of colliedogs from Lahti int show, unfortunatly I had forgotten to take a big memorycard and run out of space                                    when the colliebitches started...ggggrrrr! Couple of sheltie winners in the end.
                           24th Joan sent me some photos of the collies in Elle's pedigree
                               New wallpapers of the beautifull photos that Katja sent of Taiga
                           23rd 'Veera' Malinallin Flower Fairy 14 years old today!
                           22nd New photos of 'Taiga' Malinallin Honor Me, in August 6 years
                              new photos of 'Laika' Malinallin Walking On Air, 3 months old
                              we have had VERY bad week here, Ilmari is suffering pneumonia again.
                           21st Puppies 3 months old today, new photos of 'Ria' Malinallin Winning Ticket
                           8th 'Jade' Saruskan Golden Especial (Luuka's daughter) 5 months
                             'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress 5 months
                           6th Tytti and Teddy today...
                           4th news from Scottail kennel = 'Taika' Scottail Fake Magic went to ultrasound today and there are puppies on the way!
                           2nd HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY Malinallin G-litter...Aino & Kalle & siblings!
                           1st  'Jatsi' Malinallin Jazz N'Ramatazz was here...
                   March  30th new photo of 'Tuike' Silimen Tähti Olen Minä ( Luuka's daughter) 6 months                
                            25th an album for 'Ria' Malinallin Winning Ticket.
                           16th my puppies, who stay at home got Godmothers! LOL...
                               Katja Mäkinen is 'Teddy's' (Watch Me Now) Godmother and Kati Keronen is 'Tytti's' (Whisper Of Love).
                           15th puppies eye-checks, Whisper Of Love Cea free, other 3 minimal Ch!
                           2nd and 4th  Luukas had a lovely little ladyvisitor Scottail Fake Magic...hopefully puppies in Scottail kennel in May
                  February 26th Elle 2 years today! Barry made a lovely new wallpaper of her!
                           25th 'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress (Luuka's daughter) nearly 4 months old
                           23rd wonderfull videos of 'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress - I am just amazed by the puppy and the owner!
                           14th puppies 3 weeks and 3 days old. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all friends!
                             'Jade' Saruskan Golden Especial 14 weeks.
                           7th Puppies 17 days
                           2nd some new photos of 'Luukas' Malinallin Just One Look  
              January    27th Malinallin King Of Swing - Turku Int show, open dogs very good
               2007      21st PUPPIES were born: 1 sable boy, 1 sable girl and 2 tricolour girls.
                          20th also photos of 'Jade' Saruskan Golden Especial 11 weeks
                          20th new photos of 'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress 11 weeks
                          20th a new photo of 'Tuike' Silimen Tähti Olen Minä and 'Ajax' Silimen Merituuli
                          15th 'Elle' Lassina Loves Blessing is this district's (Päijät-Hämeen alaosasto) winner collieshowbitch 2006.
                          14th photos of the dogshow in Lahti.
           14th 'Jade' Saruskan Golden Especial 10 weeks
                          10th a Frog story - A Story of Determination and Dedication
                          7th a new little sweet story - God made a dog for Adam and Eve
                          7th WOW!!! new absolutely FABULOUS videos of 'Pinja' Saruskan Golden Empress (Luuka's daughter) at Heini's site
                          20th a new photo of 'Taiga', Malinallin Honor Me
                          19th a new photo of 'Manu' Silimen Myrskytuuli, Ilmari's son
Photos - kuvia kokeesta