Malinallin Whisper Of Love'Tytti'

A private critic by Joan House, England, while she visited us on the 18th of August 2007:
Correct head pattern. Very dark eyes, giving sweet gentle expression. Neat ears, used well.
Good shoulder angulation. Excellent conformation. Tail is little high set, but long. Jetblack coat.
Good underjaw. Very neat feet. She moves very well.

8.8.2009 Match show BIS2

22.8.09 Kouvola, judge Peter Harsanyi, Hungary (Tytti out of coat) open bitches Excellent 3.
Tricolour bitch. Correct size. Little bit light constracture. Correct skull. Little bit ? stop.
Nice eyes and expression. Good ears and neck. Could have little bit more muscular. Correct angulation.
In action tail is not correct enough. Not too much coat in moment. Nice character and presentation.